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02 January 2011 @ 11:42 pm
Twisted and sick.  
You hurt me so much. Everything you say is so hurtful. You may provide for my material needs, but trust me, it's not enough.
You don't make the effort to wait for me, to talk to me nicely about my interests. What makes you think I'd want to get to know you more?
I can never be good enough. Everything I do isn't enough. For you. I will always remember when you told me my best wasn't enough. And you told me to go fuck off. Yes dear mother, what a great example.
You always have such offensive statements on loop, isn't it only natural that I turn to others to seek solace?
Don't  blame me when I grow up and turn away from you.
You never listen to my advice, from which baked goods to purchase to the new laptop. You only listen to your friends.
Now don't tell me I only care about my friends. It's pretty dang obvious it goes the same for you.

You're cruel.
Without a father, you know how important a motherly figure is to me.
If being a mother means being like you, I will never be one
Don't you ever dare  say that I'm rude because I've never known my father.
I'm rude because I choose to be.
My father has nothing to do with it.
You act as though you're the only one who suffered a painful loss.
Wake up please.
You're not all that one-of-a-kind.

It hurts so much more that the very person I must first love, is unlovable.
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Listening To: 3685-The Spill Canvas