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31 August 2010 @ 10:09 pm
Always (1/3) ; PG-13  
Title: Always (1/3)
Pairing: Sunye/Donghae , ninja!Sunmi/Changmin (Other chapters)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Bring them all to where I am waiting for you;
We shall be alone; We shall always be you and I; Alone on Earth, To start our life! -Pablo Neruda
Note: First fic, go easy on me,Set in Gossip Girl AU, Fic is not written in chronological order.
Beta'd by hurricanecat  who gave me the guts to post this.

Donghae watched from beneath hooded lids, seated in the shadowed corner of his booth as Sunye
fluttered into the cafe. Quickly taking her seat across from Leeteuk, she immediately apologised for being
late. Why she had left him, he would never know. Why she was meeting up with his best friend since
grade school, Leeteuk, was a mystery to him as well.
"Of course! Being late is really just a honest mistake!" Leeteuk chirped eagerly causing Donghae to roll
his eyes as Sunye smiled sweetly at him.

That was his smile. His batted eye-lashes and his flirtatious eyes. No one else's. It was safe to say that
even after they had split up Donghae still hadn't completely gotten over his jealous-streak.
"How have you been, Sunye?" Leeteuk said, reaching for her hand and brushing his thumb across her
wrist. At his action, Donghae could feel something bubbling in the pit of his stomach and a growl forming
low in his throat.

"Fucking best friend my ass," he thought as he kept his eyes glued to the couple.
"I've been better," Sunye replied cheerily with a small laugh but Donghae could tell there was
something more behind that statement. Head jerking up,Sunye glanced around uneasily to check if there
was anyone she knew. Perhaps she could feel his gaze on her.
"Do you mind if we continue this in my room?" Sunye said uneasily as she withdrew her dainty hands
from Leeteuk’s grip. Donghae narrowed his eyes at Sunye inviting Leeteuk to her room--total mind
"Anything for you," Leeteuk replied easily as he got up from his seat and led her out of cafe to the
conjoining hotel. Donghae quickly slid out of his seat and followed close behind them.

Leeteuk led her to the elevator. Donghae turned to the bell boy standing nearby who immediately
recognized him as the son of his boss.
"Her room number or your job," Donghae growled.
"1034," the boy replied shakily.

Donghae immediately got into the next elevator that arrived. The 7 seconds it took him to arrive at the
10th floor was total hell for Donghae. Exiting the lift, he scrambled towards room 1034. He was surprised
when he managed to open the door with a small push. The scene that greeted him was Leeteuk splayed
across the bed with Sunye lying by his side, her head on his shoulder. He was running his fingers through
her hair, something Donghae used to do to her all the time while they were still together. Seeing him do
that to her just fucking pissed him off.

Donghae charged towards them, pushing Leeteuk off the bed before throwing him up against the wall
and punching his jaw.
"What the fuck?!" Leeteuk spat as Sunye clambered off the silk sheets.
"Get your hands off her!" Donghae yelled, releasing Leeteuk, letting the man slip to the ground. Sunye
rushed towards the hurt Leeteuk.

"Are you okay?!" she said, biting her lip.

"I'm fine," he replied, gritting his teeth as he got up.
"I think you should leave now," Donghae growled, glaring at Leeteuk who merely shrugged. "See
you soon, baby," he directed to Sunye before walking out of her room. Sunye winced before turning to
Donghae, “So—"
"What the fuck was that Sunye?"
"That was your best friend of many years, Leeteuk, taking care of me and making sure I'm okay. He
was just about to leave before you barged in and decided to assault him," she replied sardonically.
"And why would he need to make sure you’re okay?" Donghae sneered.
"The same reason why I left you," she confessed.

His eyes roamed her face, and for the first time, it registered to him that her eyes had lost their
sparkle from back when they were together and her cheeks were now gaunt. He reached for her

arm and turned it outward, and then he saw them - tiny blue-ish bruises littering her pale skin.

"You're on drugs?" he said softly, unwilling to verbalize the only other reason he could think of.

She shook her head.
"Why then? Tell me why you left me without any explanation?" She winced again.
"I'm dying," Sunye said simply.
"What the fuck, don't screw with me," Donghae exclaimed.

She took a deep breath, "Leeteuk was just trying to take care of me and make sure I took my
medication," Sunye explained.

"But he called you Baby!" Donghae accused childishly.
"He was just doing that to spite you. You punched him for no reason whatsoever. Who wouldn't be
pissed off, Donghae?" Sunye sighed.
"I found out I was dying the afternoon before I left," she continued.

Right before he had proposed, he realised. "You found out you were dying so you rejected my proposal
and ran away," he said, enunciating every word slowly.
"You had a bright future, I couldn't bear to bring you down," Sunye replied, shrugging.

Donghae felt something run down his face, and he suspected they were tears. "What the fuck Sunye, I
chased you for so fucking long and nearly killed myself studying so that we could go to college together.
You knew how much I loved you. You don't get to use that reason. You don't get to act like the heroine
who plays the self sacrificing role, leaving me as the jackass who'll never understand what you were
going through."

Sunye reached towards his face and wiped away his tears. "I'm sorry," she whispered.
"Why did you leave?"
"You wanted to get married. What kind of life would we have had?” Sunye sniffed.

He smiled bitterly. "Probably a lot happier than what we have now."
"It wasn't you, it was me."
"Oh come on, throwing a cliche at me hoping to shut me up?"
"It really wasn't," she insisted. "For once, you made me feel beautiful, more than anyone else, and
it was only in your eyes. You made me feel as though I was perfect and I didn't want you to think any
different of me."

His jaw clenched at her words. "You were perfect."
"Don't you understand? These bruises today are nothing. Today is a good day. On a bad day, I can
barely get up and I vomit in my bed." She blinked, because if she cried, this would be worse, she needed
to be strong. "When I first underwent treatment, my hair started dropping, Hae, can you imagine?"
Sunye put on a brave smile. "There were bald spots and-"

Then his lips were melded on to hers, kissing her like today was the last day of their lives. As if the past
4 years didn't exist, and they were still young, in love, planning their lives together. "Hae," she gasped,
pulling back to breathe again.
"You know me," he rasped into her ear.

Sunye blinked again; this wasn't what she planned. She had left him for his own good. "Hae, you have
a wife and I'm just someone you should leave behind," Sunye murmured.

Donghae slid the gold band off his finger and placed it between them. "I'll get a divorce," He
promised. "Even after you left, I've never stopped loving you. Three words, eight letters, do you still

Sunye nodded. " I love you," And then she hesitated. "Hae, doctors say I only have at most a year. Are
you sure you want to waste your time with a terminally ill person? You're at your prime, you could have
so much more than this-" She was silenced with his finger on her lips.
"Don't say that. Time spent with you is never wasted and you should know how much I love you." He
said with finality, leaving no room for protests.

Donghae pulled her to him. "I'd give you anything you want and I'd give up anything for you, get that
into you head!" He muttered, trying to lighten the mood.
"You'd give me anything I want.." Sunye repeated.
"Anything," he said firmly.
"I promise," he reaffirmed.

She grasped his hand in both of hers. "Give me a baby, Hae."

He sucked in his breath. "No"


A/N: I was inspired by a GG fic, and if you're confused, you're suppose to be, the fic will not be written in chronological order.So the next chapter will explain loads about their past. It's pretty obvious who's characterized as Chuck, Nate and Blair :p
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Looks good brb reading!
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OMG!!!! you need to update and you need to update like naow!!!!!!! I WANT MORE OF THIS!!!!
Jae▲: Soheevintagereprise on September 2nd, 2010 01:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I was really nervous before I posted this, it's nice to know people enjoy what I write (:
→ ♥ ♫ S o u l - W r i t e r -maxism12 on September 2nd, 2010 03:19 pm (UTC)
It has a really nice story line~

I know how you feel, sometimes its very nerve wrecking but its good that you posted =]
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Oh...when are you posting next?
Shiny Story: We Got Married: beautiful transformationshinystory on February 24th, 2011 09:34 pm (UTC)
I'm so behind on the SunHae (I just discovered them, would you believe?) but I stumbled upon this.

Thank you for writing this! There're a few fics of them comparatively, and even less with this kind of imagination. The tension is very vivid and I'm eager to find out what else you will be revealing. :)